Our Services

We are always ready to service you! - 24 hours a day, 365 days per year -

Our wide range of service includes:

Warehouse and Custom Warehouse (ADT)

Warehouse and Custom Warehouse (ADT) (storage, consolidation, disconsolidation, deliveries?)

J.A. AROCHA is able to storage spare parts and other goods in our own facilities. Moreover, is customs approved as temporary deposit warehousing which allow us to dispatch in time any spare part received and stock it to avoid any delay on deliveries or shipments to vessels.


High standard shipping agency attendance

J.A. AROCHA provides shipping agency service 365 days a year. We are available at any time. Our team is always ready to proceed fast and effectiveness.


Specialist in ?Bunker Calls Only?

We are specialized in ?Bunkers Calls Only? coordinating all involved parties efficiently with the aim to achieve a costly effective call to our customers.


Ship Husbandry

J.A. AROCHA manages on behalf of owners, operators or charters any order or assignment they may require.


Offshore operations

J.A. AROCHA provides any kind of service on request, such us crew changes, repairs, supplies, spares deliveries, cash deliveries?


All kind of deliveries

All kind of deliveries (cash to master, provisions, any kind of supplies/services on request, spare parts, fishing gears?)

J.A. AROCHA delivers all kind of shipments (cash to master, provisions, spare parts, fishing gears?) to vessels directly to the berth or through boat service at anchorage and off port limits.


Crew changes

J.A. AROCHA provides to the client full service on crew change at the pier, at anchorage or off-port limits.


Stevedoring and cargo supervision

J.A. AROCHA controls carefully loading/unloading and transshipment operations securing our clients interests.


Underwater works, emergency operations?

Coordination of underwater works and salvage operations.



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